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Chiropractic and Muscle Therapy of Delaware

 Complete Muscular & Skeletal Care 



The human body is an incredibly complex system designed for locomotion consisting of numerous components that must work in harmony.  When an injury occurs, multiple components are affected including joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. In our practice, we recognize the importance of looking at the whole picture when treating injuries.


As our patient, we will examine and provide complete care to all the moving elements involved in your injury. Our multifaceted approach will help you obtain lasting results in decreasing your pain and increasing your quality of life:

  • Chiropractic to help with biomechanics and assist in reducing/preventing osteoarthritis 

    • Adjustments are structural/Biomechanical based not philosophical

    • Performed with different adjustment techniques to allow for greatest comfort to the patient

  • Massage Therapy to help ease muscle soreness and pain

  • Dry Needling to speed up the healing process by:

    • Reducing pain intensity/sensitivity and disability of the affected area

    • Improving movement as well as allowing more fluidic movement for both passive and active Range of Motion (ROM)

    • Reducing the economic cost of treatments

  • Physiotherapy to help regain strength, flexibility, and Range of Motion (ROM)


At Chiropractic and Muscle Therapy of Delaware we base our treatments on your injury and the three phases of healing:

  1. Inflammatory/Acute - During this phase of healing we focus on decreasing pain and inflammation. 

  2. Repair (collagen healing) - Approximately one week after your injury, your body begins producing new collagen to replace the damaged areas of ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissues. Treatment goals are now implemented to aid the body in laying down new collagen fibers in a healthy organized fashion.

  3. Remodeling – During the third and final phase your body is ending the healing process. We work on strengthening and increasing the flexibility of the fully remodeled or healed tissues.

Chiropractic, Massage Therapy & Physiotherapy


 We accept nearly all major insurance plans. If your plan is not listed, please ask if we are in the process of credentialing with your insurance.

Currently we accept the following health insurances:


Blue Cross and Blue Shield (except IBX)

All auto and workers compensation claims/insurances accepted

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