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Shockwave Therapy

This non-invasive treatment targets pain and promotes healing.

What is Piezowave?

The founder of Piezowave: Richard Wolf Disciplines - Piezowave 2

First things first. Piezowave is a pain management device and is one of today's best-selling shockwave systems worldwide. Piezowave is a myofascial acoustic compression technique that uses precisely targeted sound waves to stimulate the musculoskeletal system underneath your skin. 

The Piezowave 2.0 device sends thousands of sound wave pulses into a precisely targeted tissue or muscle, and works in tandem, resulting in stimulation that provides pain relief and leads to improved circulation in the targeted area triggering your body’s own natural healing processes.

For maximum benefit, the sound waves are accurately adjusted for both depth and intensity and can help to heal tissues that lie too deep for conventional physical manipulation.

Piezowave/shockwave therapy is used to treat the following:

  • Acute pain in the muscles and joints 

  • Chronic pain in the muscles and joints


Piezowave is used to relieve painful conditions like:


Piezowave is extremely useful in the treatment of pain caused by:

  • Tendinopathy

  • Trigger Points

  • Myofascial Dysfunction

  • Stress Injuries (repetitive) 

  • Soft Tissue Strain

  • Enthesopathy 


To learn if you’re an ideal candidate for Piezowave or shockwave therapy in Delaware, contact our team at (302) 294-1594 to schedule a consultation! Our experienced Piezowave therapy specialist will help you determine if this method is best for you.  

Shockwave Therapy Benefits

After a majority positive feedback from patients, Piezowave (Shockwave Therapy) has many lasting benefits. One of the main benefits of Piezowave is the ability to treat myofascial trigger points in both the superficial and deep layer of the muscles and treating pain from injury or chronic conditions.

Piezowave takes an advantage because it stimulate the body’s own healing process without using drugs or any sort of invasive procedures.

Patients report the following after just one session:

  • Immediate reduction of pain

  • Improved mobility

  • Improved function

Get muscle and joint pain relief with Dr. Carter’s expertise and in Shockwave Therapy! Call us today to make an appointment!

(302) 294-1594 

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