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Christy W.

“Dr. Carter is an awesome chiropractor. He is very professional and always knows what to do to fix any muscle or joint alignment dysfunction. He has a warm and welcoming bed side manner that makes you feel very comfortable. You will be in good hands, healing hands. I highly recommend his services."

Bladimir T.

"Dr. Carter is a magician. I've tried other chiropractors with little results, but now that I have found him I'm staying put. I've recommended him to all my friends and family. I highly recommend him to anyone else. I always leave his office feeling like Leo DiCaprio on the titanic, "king of the world.""

Rodney C.

“I injured my low back on an obstacle while competing in a Savage Race. I felt intense burning pain in my back and  numbness down the back of my  leg. The pain was so bad  I could barely walk. After one treatment with Dr. Carter , I was pain free and was able to continue working out  again." 

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