Learn IMMT

Dr. Ron Carter D.C., LMT

Integrative Muscular Movement Technique (IMMT) was developed by Dr. Ron Carter with the focus of better massage therapy outcomes for clients. Learn a clinical system that will help with figuring out the why and how to treat musculoskeletal injuries. IMMT is a comprehensive technique that teaches massage therapists the neurologic, musculoskeletal and fascial components of acute and chronic injuries and conditions. In this class you will learn:
- Orthopedic testing for the assessment of musculoskeletal conditions. (The same tests that Chiropractors and Physical Therapist use every day.)
- Integrative Muscular Move Technique which encompasses stretching, myofascial and deep tissue techniques for the neck, while working within the neurological stretch reflex arc.
-Nerve and muscle flossing techniques to help clients reduce nerve impingement pain.
-The science of pain and the role IMMT plays in reducing your clients pain levels.
-IMMT is one of the few courses in the industry backed by research with collaboration of the University of Delaware and published internationally.

Courses Offered:

Level 1 Neck and Shoulder

Level 2 Thoracic, Abdominals, Lumbar and Pelvis

Level 3 Upper and Lower Extremities- NEW for level 3 Muscle Flossing! Learn how to use muscle flossing bands to work the deep muscle fascia.

IMMT Cupping

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